Creating a Great Home Showing

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Sometimes it’s hard to let go. The roots run deep. The personal touches you’ve added to your home year after year are just right – for you. But remember this: It takes only seconds for prospective buyers to form an impression. When preparing your home for sale, it’s very important that you create a neutral, inviting environment – one that the buyer can easily picture themselves in. Composing your home for what buyers are looking for is important. Don’t get bogged down in the emotional attachment. Create meaningful spaces buyers can’t resist! Give it the chance and watch this transform your home into a real estate buyer’s showplace.First Impressions Are All Too Important
The way you first present your property can make all of the difference toward the successful sale of your home. “Curb appeal” is hugely important, since from the time they first drive up to your address, buyers react very strongly to the exterior condition of your home and the look of your yard.Give them a first impression they won’t soon forget. The decision to buy is often made within the first few minutes of seeing a property!

Maintain an impeccable front entry.
Paint or stain your front door and update trim.
Have a clean, manicured lawn. (Fertilizing and watering make the grass greener).
Tidy up: Put tools, lawn mower, and toys away, coil hoses neatly, and park your vehicles in the garage.
Trim shrubs and hedges. Add seasonal plantings, potted plants and colorful flowers.
Wash decks and porches. It is important to stain or paint them if they are showing signs of wear.
Update your exterior light fixtures. Paint them or buy new ones.
If your front door hardware is worn, replace it.
All exterior lights should be operational and turned on for all showings.
Windows should work properly – and sparkle!
Clean out gutters and downspouts.
Walkways should be swept clean. And during winter, they must be free of snow and ice.
Make certain that no one visiting your home risks falling on a slippery sidewalk or driveway.
Be sure to close your garage door when you leave for showings.Welcome to Our Home
Home buyers don’t always have a vision – so help them. It is extremely important to maintain an impeccable property. You immediately want potential buyers to sense the Pride of Ownership Read on for some minor investments that may produce major returns.Paint
When it comes to preparing a house, painting is the least expensive way to create a neutral, updated look. And it also gives you the best return for money spent. You can also update your trim with a fresh new coat of paint!Flooring
At the very least, all carpeting needs to be steam cleaned. A one-time professional steam cleaning will go a long way toward creating a positive feeling. If your carpet is worn or stained – or if there are odors that could be perceived as a negative by buyers and their agents – it should be a replaced. The same holds true for any flooring that is cracked or damaged or shows extensive scratches due to pets. (Sometimes just buffing the floors will do the trick.)Getting Rid of the Clutter
Go through your house like you have never been there before. Take everything out of a room and start by bringing it back in piece by piece until you are satisfied. Pack away all excess items. Each room should be inviting and interesting not cluttered and overwhelming. Remember…less is more!Closets
Closets must be neat, clean, organized and fresh smelling.Cleaning
There is never such a thing as having your home too clean. Buyers will more than likely be looking at many homes, including new-construction properties. To make a good impression, dust, wash, wax or polish everything. Do your “Spring Cleaning” even in the winter! Every room should shine including the windows, door knobs and fixtures. Have a professional team if you don’t have time to coordinate every detail.Lights
Clean the light fixtures and make sure all the bulbs work. And if any of the fixtures are dated, replace them with ones that are new and fashionable. It shows buyers that you have continued to update your home.Windows
Cracked windows? Broken hardware? Replace! Windows must sparkle and allow the natural sunlight to flow throughout the interior of your home.Accents
Update older furniture with new pillows and throws. Group and arrange items that compliment and play off of each others color, texture and height. Be mindful of the fine line between effective accenting and visual clutter.Accessories
Freshen up with new accessories. For example, you can update cabinets with new hardware and brighten bathrooms with new towels. New shower curtains are a must!Scents
The nose knows! The way your home smells can be a very important factor. Light, clean and “homey” scents can be subtle yet substantial tools you can use to influence a potential buyer.Plants and Flowers
Flowers and plants are just as effective indoors as they are out, adding a fresh, nurturing atmosphere to any home. You can fill empty spaces with colorful plants and flowers. They can add architectural shapes and a sense of life to any room.Landscape
Mow and trim your lawn. Trim shrubs and hedges for a neat, clean look. Seasonal plantings add color and a sense of “home.”


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