MPLS Networks and VPLS Solutions – What Are They?

June 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

With all of the advances in technology an average busy business owner may be overwhelmed with the amount of information that he/she has to know to be able to process the needs for the company’s communication and data reliability. Consulting companies are necessities to work out an infrastructure that will help the business owner select the right business Internet connections for the critical business communications and data transmission.The critical elements that the business owners are looking for are speed, global communication and the data speed performance that a business needs to operate in the Internet world. These elements are secondary to choosing a system that is secure and reliable.What is the meaning of MPLS Networks?MPLS Networks are the initials for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). This is the networking technology that decides where and how much of your data is going to go from one network endpoint to another. This type of data transmission is possible within a WAN (WAN) and it creates virtual network links between multiple networks. This allows for a streamlined and well-functioning business data transmission. In setting up this system the business owner works with the technician to prioritize the voice, data, and video transmission from your business. What is the top priority for your business? Voice? Data? Video? But as you are questioning yourself keep in mind that these transmissions go very quickly and to the end user are almost negligible.This systems al works together through the data packets that originate from one location that are assigned labels. All packet forwarding decisions are decided upon the contents of the label without taking each packet individually. Once the packets arrive where they are supposed to then the label is removed and the data appears as it should without the label. The system operates then efficiently and securely.What is the meaning of VPLS Solutions?A Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) was designed as a path to overcome the limitations and problems created by the frame relay system over the WAN (Wide Area Network). This is the solution because all LAN service is the same regardless of geographic location. But to differentiate them further each VPLS is separate from other customers who use the carrier network. In telecommunications, security and reliability of data is critical. In this effort the VPLS makes it easier to use the LAN/Ethernet configuration of the current business structure and this frees up the band width and changes it at any time because it is not connected to the physical interface.The MPLS Networks and VPLS Solutions allow business to be in control of their speed and LAN/WAN and they are cost effective which is always an added plus. These systems offer scalability which can be the key to your business communications arriving at the destination with speed and your home system running just as efficiently.


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